Cma Profile2 002

Christine Ma

Running for board seat at-large

(self-nominated, incumbent) 

About your work: I am a copy editor and a proofreader specializing in children’s and young adult books, with experience in newspapers and educational magazines, too.

How you have contributed to ACES: As a member of the ACES Diversity and Inclusion Committee, I helped put together the Diversity Breakfast and Editors of Color session at the 2019 conference. I also co-presented a session on editing children’s books. Prior to joining the board, I was active in organizing the ACES chats on Twitter.

Why you feel you are the best candidate for this position: I spent fifteen years working at Macmillan, Hachette Book Group, Weekly Reader, and the Philadelphia Inquirer, and I have eleven years of experience freelancing for several trade publishers, independent authors, and companies. My diverse background allows me to understand and advocate for the needs and interests of our members.

What you envision for ACES during your tenure: Now that the board is more focused on strategic planning, I hope to help ACES continue to expand its reach and diversify our membership. I would like the organization to become the destination for all editors looking for training, resources, and support.

What is one thing about ACES that you would like to improve, and what ideas do you have on how to improve it? Increasing our organization’s efforts to bring visibility and support to editors who identify as belonging to underrepresented groups will be an incredible asset to both ACES and the field of editing. We can do that by recruiting more of these editors to join ACES as both members and leaders, providing training on diversity and inclusion issues in our profession, and encouraging students from diverse backgrounds to pursue a career in editing.