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Caution: Editing While Caretaking | Alysha Love

Your parents. Your kiddos. Your partner. Your pets. Your plants. And, hey, let's not forget about yourself.

We have a lot of living things depending on us for care and attention. It's not easy to figure out how to meet others' needs while thriving in your editing career.

I don't have the answers. You know who does? All of you.

In this interactive session, we'll cover some common reactions to the stresses of caretaking. Then we'll break into groups to discuss and find helpful mindsets, top tips and positive ways to edit while caretaking.

IntermediateAll editors, Health and Wellness


Alysha is an accredited professional coach, incurable journalist, dog mom and tiny human mom. She heads up her coaching business, Alysha Love Coaching, and her editorial agency, Payette Media House, from beautiful Boise, Idaho.

She spent years working in digital political journalism in Washington, D.C., as an editor at CNN and POLITICO before leading Intuit QuickBooks’s editorial content marketing operation. Alysha majored in both psychology and journalism at the University of Missouri, and she's pursuing her master's in leadership and organizational development at the University of Texas. 

Alysha is a director on the board of ACES: The Society for Editing

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