Good Words Fast

Good Words Fast

By Oliver Dirs

"Good Words Fast" helps your content stand out by providing a wealth of striking synonyms for the most commonly used terms in business, news, and marketing. From "turbocharge" to "rein in" and from "lifeblood" to "reality check," you will find over 39,000 inspiring and effective options for your writing.

"Good Words Fast" complements a regular thesaurus by focusing on entries such as "increase," "reduce," "start," "significant," "advantage," and "many." Under 1,100 such headings, you will find a huge depth and range of genuinely useful alternatives, whether you are working on a detailed analysis or a press release. It also includes helpful entries such as "investment," "high-tech," "ethical," and "sustainability."

This e-book can be viewed on a computer, tablet, or phone using the free Kindle reader app.

"Good Words Fast" is an invaluable resource for:

  • Journalists and subeditors
  • Copywriters and copyeditors
  • Investment analysts
  • Translators into English

And it's an essential reference for writing:

  • Media articles of all kinds
  • Press releases and marketing copy
  • Investment research
  • Reports and presentations

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