Alysha Love

Alysha S. Love

Running for board seat at-large

(self-nominated, incumbent) 

About your work: At Intuit, I plan and oversee content multimedia campaigns across digital platforms. I freelance edit for my business, Payette Media House.

How you have contributed to ACES: A few years after spending my senior spring break at ACES, I began serving on the board. Since 2016, I've taught ACES boot camps and webinars, led several #ACESchats and analyzed our social media strategy. Most visibly, I've planned the session lineups for the Providence and Salt Lake City conferences.

Why you feel you are the best candidate for this position: During my two terms on the board, I've coordinated and strategically planned several conferences. As a journalist who's moved into corporate editing and started a freelance editing business, I understand the needs of many editors in our growing ACES community.  I'm also passionate about ACES' opportunities to train and educate.

What you envision for ACES during your tenure: As ACES grows, I'd like to ensure we reach young, diverse editors across the country so they can tap into our camaraderie, professional resources and educational opportunities. I want our members to be on the cutting edge through trainings on digital skills, evolving language and changes to the editing field.

What is one thing about ACES that you would like to improve, and what ideas do you have on how to improve it? I want to continue fostering diversity of editing experience, age, background, gender and ability among our conference presenters for a wider breadth of ideas and knowledge-sharing. As conference chair, I'll seek out the best and brightest in the editing field and solicit our members' recommendations to continue our tradition of outstanding speakers presenting on relevant and engaging topics. It's something I've been working on during my tenure as a board member, and I'd love to keep building on that effort with your help.